Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my device fit?

Note that when we state that the bag holds a 15" laptop, this refers to the diagonal measurement of the screen size. See more details here. The dimensions for all device compartments can be found in the details on the product's page.

How do I clean and condition my leather bag? 

The following are general maintenance guidelines that are for leather bags from McKlein. We recommend to repeat these steps every three months if using the bag every day. Or, once a year if the bag is used once a week.

To Clean:
1) Apply leather cleaning spray, like the brand Lexol, to wet cloth or sponge
2) Apply to one section at a time to build up foam to lift dirt from leather
3) Use clean damp cloth to rinse leather
To Condition:
1) Apply small amount of leather conditioner evenly to bag
2) Let sit for a couple of minutes
3) Gently buff conditioner with soft dry cloth
What are the differences between the leather you carry? 
1) Full Grain Cowhide Leather: considered the highest quality because it is the strongest and most durable. Will develop a patina and look great with time
2) Top Grain Cowhide Leather: one step below Full Grain leather. The top layer of blemished hide is removed leaving behind a smooth finish
3) Pebble Grain Calfskin Leather: has a raised pebble-shaped texture to the leather adding visual appeal while deterring noticeable scratches. 
Can I personalize my bag?
Yes, we offer in-house customization services. Debossed initials and full names are popular for individuals and corporate clients favor logos. For more information click here.
How do I set the combination lock?
Your briefcase should arrive with a red safety tag and the combination set to 0-0-0, if not follow the follow steps to reset the combination. 
To set your combination:
Combination Lock
1) Remove the red safety tag
2) Push square opening leaver inward as far as it will go and hold it there without letting go
3) Turn the three dials to the desired combination 
4) Release the leaver. Combination is now set
5) Repeat to second combination if necessary 
How do I reset the combination lock?
In the event that the combination is forgotten or needs to be reset follow the following instructions. If these instructions don't work, we suggest a locksmith or give us a call for a potential repair/replacement.
1) Find a well-lit area/flashlight and gather some patience 
2) Look inside the lock via the small slits next to each dial. 
3) Identify the metal rod inside the lock. This is where the dials rotate around. You are not trying to touch the rod only be able to see it 
4) Rotate each dial until you see an indentation on the metal rod. This indicates the number set for that specific dial. 
5) Repeat for each dial
6) Once the three indentations are aligned the lock should open
My bag has a lock but I can't find the key. 
If your bag has a silver finished lock, you can find the key inside the small leather pouch that hangs on a metal chain. 
My key doesn't seem to fit the lock. 
First, note that the bag should come unlocked and with a protective film covering the face of the lock. To lock/unlock: 1) place key into key hole. It is not a snug fit and doesn't need to go in all the way. 2) Turn clockwise to lock until you feel resistance. There is no locking sound. 3) Remove key and check clasp. 
What is Proposition 65? 
This is a California law which mandates the state of California must maintain a list of chemicals they have identified may cause cancer or contain reproductive toxicity. A warning label is required by the state of California to appear on products sold in California if they contain chemicals on the Proposition 65 list of hazardous substances. 
McKlein Company materials are in full compliance with federal safety laws and regulations. There is no risk in handling or using the bag for its intended purpose. We advise against ingesting materials purchased.
A warning label is required even if trace amounts of any one of the many chemicals listed in the proposition are present. See the full list of chemicals here. More info on OEHHA's Proposition 65 can be found here
Where is the weatherproof cover? 
Many of our patented Detachable-Wheeled Cases come with a weatherproof cover linked to the wheeled frame. 
Where is the extra buckle clip? 
Every detachable wheeled case comes with an extra buckle clip. It can be found attached to the frame between the bag and the frame or inside the bag itself. If you need to replace buckle clips you can find them here
Do McKlein bags count as a personal item/carry on when flying? 
Due to everchanging size requirements, we suggest checking the dimension of the bag, found in the description of the product's page, and the size requirements of your airline. Read more on luggage sizes here.
How do I clean and maintain the wheels on my case? 
Use a dry brush to remove any debris. A knife or vacuum may be useful for any stuck materials. Follow up with a brush/towel slightly soap-dampened. Finish with cotton balls dampened in rubbing alcohol to give a smooth dry look. Now is a great time to add lubricant to keep the wheels rolling smoothly. 
How do I replace the wheels on my frame?
How do I remove my frame?
Our detachable frames allow for a smooth transition between a rolling case and a briefcase. View our video for a step-by-step guide (skip to second 20.) Or, read PDF instructions here.
Back zipper pocket - am I missing a zipper puller?
Our wheels can be replaced if worn out by unzipping this interior back zipper. It might look like you are missing a zipper pull, but you are not. We intentionally do not include a zipper pull as it is not a functional section.